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Zippity Split Plumbing team performing sewer camera inspection

Why Routine Sewer Inspection Is a Must for Old Homes

Older homes are likely to suffer from sewer line issues due to the age of the pipes. The average lifespan of sewer pipes is approximately 40 years. That means they are...
trenchless pipe lining

Is Trenchless Pipe Lining Eco-Friendly?

At Zippity Split Plumbing, we are committed to providing green plumbing solutions to our clients. That is why we take pride in using trenchless technology for pipe rehabilitation. Trenchless pipe lining...
woman looking at male plumber using plunger

Clogged Drains: Why They Are Risky

Clogged drains are a major nuisance that can lead to a wide range of problems. However, many homeowners overlook this issue as long as the water can still flow down the...
severely damaged sewer pipe

Key Considerations Before Replacing Your Sewer Line

If you experience a sewer leak or backup, you might think you need to replace your sewer line right away. It can be overwhelming since it’s a major undertaking that requires...
trenchless pipe lining

Factors Affecting the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining

At Zippity Split Plumbing, we use trenchless technology to restore damaged pipes. It’s more cost-effective than traditional methods because it eliminates the need for extensive digging. Instead, the repair process takes...
clogged sink with dirty water

When Is a Clogged Drain An Emergency?

Drain clogs are often a homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially when they seem like a never-ending problem. After all, they keep you from doing chores efficiently. A clogged drain is not usually...
Fragments of old corroded cast-iron water pipes

Why Cast Iron Pipes Are Problematic

Everyone who has lived in an old home has probably had to deal with cast iron pipes. These pipes were so popular before the 1970s when many people believed that these...
a plumber repairing sewer pipes

The Truth Behind Sewer Repair Myths

Unfortunately, misconceptions about sewer pipe line repair are prevalent nowadays. They keep many homeowners from taking the right steps to protect their sewer system. The good news is that you don’t...
sink drain

Gurgling Drains: What Do They Mean?

Perhaps you’re washing the dishes or taking a shower, and suddenly you hear your drains gurgle. While some people may think this is normal, it’s actually trying to tell you something....
Plumber Fixing Sewerage Pipe at Construction Site

What Should Homeowners Expect During a Sewer Repair?

Sewer repairs can be a huge hassle. Not only are they expensive, but they can also be disruptive to your daily routine. In this blog post, Zippity Split Plumbing will discuss...

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